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Ruth Pierce, RN and Lisa Heidrich, RN together have an outstanding combined 59 years of medical experience!

Ruth and Lisa are the owners of Your Legal Nurse Consultants, which is based out of Charlotte, NC.  They are your “go-to nurses” for all of your legal situations that involve any medical problem.

They ARE NOT attorneys, but they ARE NURSING EXPERTS!

Ruth is a Registered Nurse with certification and experience in critical care, trauma, transplants, pre-hospital medicine, and quality improvements.  She is a Past President of the local Critical Care Nurses Association Chapter, Treasurer of the NC Association of Healthcare Quality, active nationally with the American Association of Critical Care Nursing, and appointed for a 3-year term to the Mecklenburg County Women’s Advisory Board.  She holds a Masters degree in both Healthcare Administration and Business Administration.

Lisa Heidrich is a Registered Nurse with certification and experience in orthopedics, infusion therapy, case management, worker’s compensation, pediatrics, newborn nursery, and Hospital administration. She holds a nursing degree and post graduate degree in vocational counseling and education. Lisa serves on the North Carolina Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (NCARP) Board, is a member of NAON; The National Association of Orthopedic Nurses, participates with Case Management Society of Nurses and is an active volunteer with American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants as a speaker and educator in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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(Pictured) Ruth Pierce RN, MBA, MHA, CCRN-CMC, CPHQ, and Lisa Heidrich RN, CHP, ONC, CCM, QRP, are clinically active Registered Nurses with 50+ combined years of medical experience.  Contact them today for your free consultation!


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